Follow us on our journey - July 16 - August 2, 2020

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Updates from Doug & Melinda

Day 8 – Thursday, July 23

July 24, 2020

We had a great day today with lots of amazing scenery. We completed 26.62 miles in 11 hours and 16 minutes, so a long day. Fatigued legs by the end of the day after an elevation gain of 6,122 feet and a descent of 4,163 feet. Also, we got caught in a thunder, hail, and rain storm. We did finish but on fumes today. Looking forward to the opportunity to recover tonight. Big day coming up as we expect to be at the halfway point by the end of tomorrow’s run. Thank you for supporting us on this adventure!

Day 7 – Wednesday, July 22

July 23, 2020

Started out our day with a great 7.7-mile morning run with our daughter, Alison. That was a special treat for us. Enjoyed lunch at Twin Lakes. During our afternoon run, we faced a challenging section. We ran up and over Hope Pass, which peaks at 12,508 feet. Today’s 24.87 miles incorporated an elevation gain of 4,872 feet and a descent of 5,019 feet. The total time for the run was 10 hours and 47 minutes and we completed our run just before the rain started. Very thankful for our rain canopy as we hide under it and are protected from the pouring rain. What keeps us going each day is seeing how far we can push ourselves, proving the skeptics wrong, and, of course, helping kids.

Day 6 – Tuesday July 21

July 22, 2020

We are a third of the way through our trip!!! It was our longest day yet – 11 hours and 6 minutes on the trail. However, it was a successful leg of the run. We ran 26.87 miles with an elevation gain of 5,317 feet. And we pushed through to the goal despite tired feet, legs, and ankles. Even though each day is hard and sometimes grueling, we are enjoying the challenge of achieving each day’s goal. Looking forward to tonight’s rest and recovery so we can be ready to hit the trail first thing in the morning.

Day 5 – Monday, July 20

July 21, 2020

Today was a hard day, but good. We conquered four passes today and had a total elevation gain of 4,671 feet. Our 8 hours and 38 minutes run covered 25.4 miles. After five days of running, we have completed 145 miles. That’s about 30% of the trail, and we are right on pace. All our training is paying off. We are doing well and anticipate a good day tomorrow (Tuesday). It’s definitely beautiful up here!

Day 4 – July 19

July 20, 2020

Finished our longest day today in the dark, but we were treated to an amazing sunset, which made it worth it. 10 hours and 26 minutes on the trail. We ran 28.72 miles with an elevation gain of 5,668 feet. Enjoyed our lunch break in Breckenridge. It’s so beautiful along the trail. We are feeling good, but hungry and definitely tired. Looking forward to resting this evening to be ready for our run tomorrow (Monday).

Day 3 – July 18

July 19, 2020

Our longest day yet. We were on the trail for 9 hours and 40 minutes and completed 31.5 miles with an elevation gain of 4,615 feet. Beautiful views from the trail during our run, which helps to keep us gong. We are tired and look forward to our evening to recover for our next leg tomorrow. A BIG thank you to Sean, Kirby & Drew at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers for getting us ready for this adventure! We expect to break the first 100 miles by the end of the day tomorrow (Sunday). We are glad you can “join” us on this run. We’ll keep checking in to keep you posted.

Day 2 – July 17

July 18, 2020

It was a hard day today. Tired. Sore. But it was a successful day. We ran 28.5 miles in 8.5 hours with a 5,246-foot elevation gain. The last eight miles were the hardest – tired body and legs. We got through it with pure grit, determination, music, and focus. Rest and recover tonight for the run tomorrow.

Day 1 – July 16

July 17, 2020

We had a successful run on our first day, Thursday, July 16th! Ran 28:25 miles with an elevation gain of 4,677 feet. We were on the trail for 7 hours and 39 minutes. Got caught in an afternoon thunderstorm, but our rain gear was awesome! Both of us found some sore muscles such as Mel’s left Achilles’ tendon, calves and other small niggles. Overall a great day! Spent time recovering for the run on Friday.

Trip Prep

July 12, 2020

With the trip quickly approaching we have been working on putting everything needed into our support vehicles. Making sure that the food list is accurate and generally working on the logistical challenges of this trip.  Packing is going well with trial runs taking place this weekend as we fine tune the location of each item.  Final packing will happen Tuesday and Wednesday so that the trip can start on Thursday morning.  One step closer… every step counts!